Strong body. Peaceful mind. Youthful energy

Develop optimal health at home

WaQi 101. The foundation...

Strong body. Pieceful mind. Youthful energy.
■ Building blocks of science-based ancient practice for optimal health
■ A simple and progressive multi-dimensional approach combining movements and meditation
■ The 15-minute daily practice can be broken down to 5-minute segments to fit your busy schedule
■ Practive anywhere, anytime and any physical condition
■ A master will guide you

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WaQi for Sleep

A federally funded study using the WaQi program demonstrated significant positive effects on anxiety and sleep quality.

■ A combined meditation and movement approach to achieve sound sleep
■ The 15-minute daily practice, in 5-minute segments to fit your busy schedule
■ Practice anywhere, any time and in any physical condition
■ A master will guide you

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WaQi Cancer Care Community

Friday Morning Qigong and T’ai Chi for Friends Facing Cancer

Calm Mind - Deep Sleep - Strong Body
Join Dr. Yang Yang in a gentle/nurturing yet invigorating practice session to transform adversity into joyful wellness.

■ Reduce the side effects of cancer treatment.
■ Release stress, anxiety, tension and pain.
■ Replenish body, mind and spirit.

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What you need is here

"The mind/body approach I developed is effective for people from all walks of life: helping with sleep, stress, pain, balance, mood, and martial art skill. The practice is simple, straightforward, and progressive and can be adapted to address your needs." - Dr. Yang Yang

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What people said about WaQi practice

"Dr. Yang has profoundly changed my life. His philosophy of life has opened up an entire world for me." - Linda N, MD


Weenkend Workshops

Experience the dynamic energy of Dr. Yang Yang's WaQi teaching in person.

5-Day Camps

Take an even "deeper-dive" into selected WaQi practices or pursue WaQi instructor certification.

Why WaQi?

Nurture body, mind and spirit.
WaQi is a Mind-Body practice based on Western science and ancient Eastern wisdom.

■ A master will guide you
■ Create a strong foundation for optimal mental and physical health
■ Practice anytime, any place and in any condition
■ Great for beginners and seasoned practitioners

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