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Coronavirus and WaQi Summer Camps

We are continuing to closely monitor and evaluate developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health and government authorities in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New York. Please rest assured, we will only hold camp if we believe it is safe. The CTQS-WAQI's highest priority is the health and well-being of all of our students, friends and instructors.

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Our mission is simple: To share scientifically validated wisdom from ancient Chinese healing and martial arts to help individuals achieve optimal health and well-being at home.


WaQi for Stress, Mood and Sleep

A 7-day program designed to help lower stress and improve mood

The combination of gentle exercises, energy cultivation and guided meditation provides a holistic system for lowering stress and improving mood and sleep.

■ Combination of movement and meditation.
■ Simple, 5 and 10 minute videos.
■ Can be done any time, in your own home.

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WaQi Cancer Care Community

Calm Mind - Deep Sleep - Strong Body

Join Dr. Yang Yang in a gentle/nurturing yet invigorating practice session to transform adversity into joyful wellness.

■ Reduce the side effects of cancer treatment.
■ Release stress, anxiety, tension and pain.
■ Replenish body, mind and spirit.

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WaQi This Week

T'ai Chi Classic - Qi Flow - Wisdom in Silence

WaQi This Week is your resource for new weekly videos to deepen your practice.

New videos, three days a week!

■ Monday:T'ai Chi Classic
■ Wednesday:Qi Flow
■ Friday:Wisdom in Silence

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"The mind/body approach I developed is effective for people from all walks of life: helping with sleep, stress, pain, balance, mood, and martial art skill. The practice is simple, straightforward, and progressive and can be adapted to address your needs." - Dr. Yang Yang

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Weekend Workshops

Experience the dynamic energy of Dr. Yang Yang's WaQi teaching in person.

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5-Day Camps

Take an even "deeper-dive" into selected WaQi practices or pursue WaQi instructor certification.

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Why WaQi?

Nurture body, mind and spirit.
WaQi is a Mind-Body practice based on Western science and ancient Eastern wisdom.

■ A master will guide you
■ Create a strong foundation for optimal mental and physical health
■ Practice anytime, any place and in any condition
■ Great for beginners and seasoned practitioners

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