WaQi Cancer Care Community

Friday Morning Qigong and T’ai Chi for Friends Facing Cancer

Calm Mind - Deep Sleep - Strong Body
Join Dr. Yang Yang in a gentle/nurturing yet invigorating practice session to transform adversity into joyful wellness.

■ Reduce the side effects of cancer treatment.
■ Release stress, anxiety, tension and pain.
■ Replenish body, mind and spirit.


■ Stay tuned. We plan to add videos daily
■ We will produce 15-minute practice modules using these videos
■ Please send your feeback on these videos, the website overall, and/or development of 15-minute modules to maryann.waqi@gmail.com

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More About WaQi Cancer Care Community

What is the WaQi Cancer Care Community (WaQi CCC)?

The WaQi CCC qigong and t’ai chi program has been designed by Dr. Yang for the special needs of individuals who are facing the effects of cancer treatment and recovery from cancer. In particular, participants are better able to manage the stress and anxiety resulting from their cancer diagnosis and treatment, regain physical function and clarity of mind, and cultivate a tranquil and positive spirit. This is healing from the inside-out. The result: optimal well-being.

The WaQi CCC program includes three components:
■ Flow-state movements cultivate energy from nature to boost personal energy and the immune system, lubricate joints to prevent pain, and reduce tension to improve balance and flexibility. It is relaxation and stretching in motion.
■ Agility exercises enhance balance, cognition, strength, cardio capacity and vitality regardless one’s physical baseline.
■ Standing meditation recalibrates the body to cultivate strength and power, improve sleep and balance, and develop deep relaxation.

Combined, this full-spectrum practice transforms pain, stress and anxiety to tranquility and strength.

Dr. Yang thoughtfully and energetically leads each session with compassion and guides viewers to modify the practice to fit their personal needs. The program is fun, accessible and can fit into almost any schedule.

Does it work?

Research on the WaQi program with the general population demonstrates positive outcomes on anxiety, sleep, functional balance and strength, cognition, and immune function. For the past eight years at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Yang has developed a special WaQi program for cancer patients and survivors. There, participants have reported reduced anxiety, stress, fatigue and pain, enhanced sleep, balance, strength and sharper cognition. WaQi cultivates the best mind and body nutrients for the body’s ability to heal itself.

Overall, research on the impact of qigong and t’ai chi with the cancer community is not as vast as with the general population. However, both are widely recommended for cancer patients and survivors. They help calm the mind and emotions, reduce muscle and joint pain, promote clear thinking and focus, increase flexibility, decrease fatigue, improve breathing and balance, and uplift the spirits.

What is the history of the program?

Dr. Yang has been practicing qigong and t’ai chi for most of his life. The WaQi program is the distillation of his study with the Grandmasters of China, his teaching for over 30 years in China and the U.S., and his Ph.D. research studying the benefits and mechanisms of these ancient arts. Importantly, in 2011, Dr. Yang brought his wisdom to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to help patients, survivors, and their caregivers to thrive despite any diagnosis. He also uses his unique nurturing approach with many private clients facing cancer.

How do I use the program?

It’s easy. Just follow the live streaming. If you want to practice the program again, review the individual segments.