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Develop optimal health at home

Our mission is simple: To share scientifically validated wisdom from ancient Chinese healing and martial arts to help individuals achieve optimal health and well-being at home.


WaQi This Week

T'ai Chi Classic - Qi Flow - Wisdom in Silence

WaQi This Week is your resource for new weekly videos to deepen your practice.

New videos, three days a week!

■ Monday:T'ai Chi Classic
■ Wednesday:Qi Flow
■ Friday:Wisdom in Silence

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WaQi Cancer Care Community

Calm Mind - Deep Sleep - Strong Body

Join Dr. Yang Yang in a gentle/nurturing yet invigorating practice session to transform adversity into joyful wellness.

■ Reduce the side effects of cancer treatment.
■ Release stress, anxiety, tension and pain.
■ Replenish body, mind and spirit.

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WaQi for Stress, Mood and Sleep

A 7-day program designed to help lower stress and improve mood

The combination of gentle exercises, energy cultivation and guided meditation provides a holistic system for lowering stress and improving mood and sleep.

■ Combination of movement and meditation.
■ Simple, 5 and 10 minute videos.
■ Can be done any time, in your own home.

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What you need is here

"The mind/body approach I developed is effective for people from all walks of life: helping with sleep, stress, pain, balance, mood, and martial art skill. The practice is simple, straightforward, and progressive and can be adapted to address your needs." - Dr. Yang Yang

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Weekend Workshops

Experience the dynamic energy of Dr. Yang Yang's WaQi teaching in person.

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5-Day Camps

Take an even "deeper-dive" into selected WaQi practices or pursue WaQi instructor certification.

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Why WaQi?

Nurture body, mind and spirit.
WaQi is a Mind-Body practice based on Western science and ancient Eastern wisdom.

■ A master will guide you
■ Create a strong foundation for optimal mental and physical health
■ Practice anytime, any place and in any condition
■ Great for beginners and seasoned practitioners

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